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Resources and Links
Home Resources & Links
Resources and Links


  • Aaron's Currency Collection, includes currency gallery, section on grading, currency clubs and WWW links
  • Aaron's Middle Eastern Banknotes Page, I have collected foreign banknotes for many years, but only within the past few years did I begin to focus exclusively on Middle Eastern notes.  In addition to having links to my most-accessed sites, this page provides what I believe to be the most complete source of information, images, auctions, and dealers of Middle Eastern notes to be found on the Internet though, to be honest, it primarily draws on others' fabulous efforts.  I hope to add content as my time allows.
  • African Banknote Collector, I am a specialized collector of African, Portugal and Portuguese Colonies, and British India.  Site has banknote article, sales and wants list and is designed to develop contacts with other collectors.  Mike Jowett, IBNS 2485, SPMC 10019
  • African Paper Money, by Weldon D. "Burt" Burson, specialized collector of West African States and Central African States Banknotes, who provides information on CFA banknotes
  • Amateur Paper Currency Collecting, Collecting paper currency for fun - Anatomy of a Banknote, Currency Identifier, My Collection, Tips on Getting Started and Related Links
  • Annovi Fabrizio Collectors - Italy, numismatic collectors of banknotes and coins offering exchange with other collectors from around the world.
  • Anthony's Currency, Coins and Collectibles, selling and buying a variety of old paper money, coins, exonumia, ephemera and old paper items in general.  Online catalogue with an extensive amount of images.  I accept PayPal, checks and money orders.  I ship worldwide.  Tony O'Neil, PO Box 874, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055, USA
  • Armenia and Nagorno-Karabagh Banknotes, banknotes issued by the Republic of Armenia
  • Artur's Web Page, Collector specializing in Latvian issues.  Retail price list of World Paper Money, some information about lesser-known Latvian paper money and historical facts with color images.  Links to Latvian banknote pages showing images in high quality color complete with descriptions for each item
  • AsiaTour Thailand Currency, color image of 100 Baht note with a brief overview of Thai currency
  • Azerbaijan Currency, Eldar Abdoullaev's Paper Money Collection
  • Balson's Bank Notes, general site about world banknotes; paper money Catalogs and Books for collectors are also available
  • Bank of Canada Bills informational site by Paul Wallis
  • Banknotes of Great Britain, Bank Notes covering WWI-WWII, also Prisoner of War and Concentration Camp Money.
  • Banknotes of Guinea, Mali and the French Antilles, selected images from the collection of Dan Bellan, IBNS #7931
  • Banknotes of Hyperinflation, a compilation of all countries that have issued notes with a denomination of at least 1 Million.
  • Banknotes of Lithuania - Litai, images and descriptions of Lithuanian currency, with description of front and back
  • Banknotes of the Middle East & North Africa, Dear Banknote Collector/Dealer:  We invite you to view the most comprehensive price list ever produced for the banknotes of The Middle East and North Africa.  Over 1100 banknotes from under a dollar to over $3500.00
  • Banknotes, Paper Money and Bonds, news, links, letters to collectors / questions / banknotes buy & sell
  • Banknotes of Scotland, a small web site on Scottish banknotes
  • Banknotes of Ex-USSR, I offer banknotes of EX-USSR / Belarus, Kirghizia, Russia, Tajikistan, Transnistria.  For images of banknotes see my site.  These banknotes offered in exchange for banknotes of your country or worldwide.  UNC only.
  • Birds & Banknotes, site which is all about birds on banknotes
  • Birds on Banknotes, comprehensive list of world banknotes featuring birds, including description and images, with reference to the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money
  • British American Banknote Company, "The Early Years" - summary of the early history of the engraving and printing firm, includes timeline of events as well as numerous JPEG images of vignettes (steel engravings)
  • Bruno's Paper Money Collection, homepage of Bruno Buriani with regular weekly exhibitions
  • Bulgarian Paper Money, I'm a Bulgarian collector of paper money.  My name is Kostadin Hristov.
  • Burma Group Tuebingen, a collection of all Burmese banknotes ever issued
  • Byelorussian Paper Money, Paper money , coins of the Republic of Belarus and other countries former USSR
  • Cedis & Stamps, JPEG images of cedis - the currency of Ghana, obverse and reverse
  • Christian's Former Yugoslav Papermoney, links near bottom of page
  • Coins and Banknotes of Vietnam and French Indochina, Hundreds of scans. Books. Links. Etc.. Buying and selling coins and banknotes.
  • Coins and Currency of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , all about coins and currency of Jordan.  Lots of pictures and information.
  • Confederate Collector's Page, confederate currency, bonds, stamps and coins... collector of authentic confederate currency, bonds, documents, autographs and other Civil War paper - CSA note description, period valuation and grading terminology - Plenty of images and useful information as well as items for sale
  • Currency Den, enjoy images and information on Wartime Counterfeit Currency, Printers' Test Notes, Central Bank Links, and Doubles Available for Trade/Sale
  • Danish Banknotes & Coins, collector's web page showcasing the "Heilmann" series
  • Dawn's Virtual Currency Collection, network images of US paper money
  • Deutsche Papiergeld FAQ, Paper Money FAQ in German - maintained by Juergen Spiegel
  • Dominion of Canada, Kyle Mutcher's collection of Dominion of Canada paper money (pre-1935)
  • El Mundo Del Papel Moneda (The World of Paper Money), a site for world paper money collecting, in Spanish, by Luis Guzzo
  • Félix Eduardo Guerra González, a collection of world paper money
  • Geldscheine aus aller Welt, another small banknote site
  • German Paper Money - a collection of curious currency in Germany 1914-24, ich würde mich über einen Besuch meiner noch jungfräulichen Hompage freuen. Die Seite wird in der nächsten Zeit noch ausgebaut und vorrangig als informative Seite im web bleiben... Auszug einer Sammlung: kuriose Notgeld Deutschland 1914-24 aus dem Gebiet Papiergeld / papermoney
  • Glen Smith's Web Site, general information on the making of a banknote, with special attention to the invisible or unseen areas of a banknote
  • Greek Currency Directory, a site dedicated to collectors of coins and paper money.  It includes more than 250 photos of Greek coins and banknotes, full descriptions, brief history, links, trading option and more
  • Hong Kong Banknotes Collection, dedicated to my favorite hobby of collecting Hong Kong banknotes & modern warplanes pictures, for your viewing pleasure
  • Hungarian Emergency Banknote 1914-19, site of L. Beszeda.
  • Hungarian Paper Money Homepage, personal website of Laszlo J Beszeda
  • Indian Currency, a brief account of the history of Indian Paper Money, guidelines on collecting Indian currency, and a select bibliography on references about Indian currency
  • Israeli Banknotes, includes a very large Gallery page with most of Israel's banknotes.  It also includes a very good information page with all information needed to collect banknotes from this country.
  • Japanese Invasion Money, Japanese Occupation of the Philippines 1942-1945 with images and text
  • Joan's banknotes, this site is for people who are interested in collecting banknotes.  I mainly offer banknotes from Philippines and I also have notes from other countries!
  • Kroyo Banknote Collections, a collector's website
  • Malaysia Banknotes, this web site explains those major banknotes features in details inclusive of features of polymer banknotes.  The features of the Rm50 banknotes and some relevant links for banknotes collectors.  If you want some UNC Malaysia banknotes in quantity, or if you have any questions, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Marc Beoutis, contains my trading/selling lists of banknotes and coins, a nice gallery of notes and coins, articles based on my award-winning displays, a selection of numismatic software, and a large selection of numismatic resources and references.
  • Mazzi Michele, collection of paper money and coins from around the world
  • Mike's Banknote and Coin Collector's Heaven, includes price list for world banknotes
  • Money in North American history, paper titled "From Wampum to Electronic Funds Transfer"
  • Money - Das Geld der Welt, site is in English and German.  Additionally to lots of scans of World Banknotes.  I try to offer brief information to each country and to the persons and buildings on the different banknotes.
  • Mort's Currency Pages, Gregory Mortimer's personal website dedicated to his favorite hobby, collecting foreign currency; online collection of paper money
  • Muhammad Ameen's Collection, information about Pakistani and Afghanistani Notes.
  • My Banknotes, a Belgian collector of world banknotes.
  • National Bank Notes of the Chechen Republic, These bank notes were printed in 1994 and were planned to circulate from the beginning of 1995.  However, this task was not done because of the Russia-Chechnya War.
  • National Banks of Fort Worth, Texas, images of bank notes, checks, pictures of remaining buildings, as well as histories on those banks I have researched to date courtesy of Jim Fitzgerald
  • Notafilia Paper Money, Régis Giampersa's site pertaining to collecting, images, Notgeld and exchange; also available in Portuguese text
  • Notgeld, site of private collector of German Notgeld (1914-1923) going by the name of  notgeldman
  • Numismática del Ecuador, numismatic history of Ecuador and an offer coins and banknotes; site also available in native language of Ecuador
  • Numismondo, a site specializing in notes of Haiti
  • Obsolete Banknotes, Brian's collection of US obsolete notes, SPMC 9522, ANA LM2644, CM 26
  • Obsolete Banknotes and Old Scrip of Trenton, New Jersey, Tony Tempesta's site dedicated to local obsolete bank notes and old scrip
  • Palestinian Coins & Banknotes, Coins and Banknotes of the British Mandate of Palestine
  • Papiergeld, a new German paper money site
  • Philippine Emergency & Guerrilla Money, site about Guerrilla money & other numismatically relevant items from the Philippines during WWII.
  • Physicists on the Money, Physicists that have been honored by having their picture on world paper money, with images
  • Plastic Banknotes of the World, information on polymer world banknotes that have been honored by having their picture on world paper money, with images
  • Polish Coins & Banknotes, paper money descriptions in Polish with colour images
  • Polymer Banknotes, courtesy of Roberto Cacciamani, currently available in Italian
  • Reinhard Tieste, dealer of German banknotes, Notgeld and POW notes
  • Robby Van Assche, scans of all my foreign banknotes
  • Romanian Coins and Currencies, an interesting site dealing with banknotes and other collectibles from Romania, by George Conis.  Lots of photos.
  • Scottish Banknotes and Coins, very detailed collector site on Scottish notes
  • Slovak Banknotes & Coins, brief description of Slovak banknotes with colour images
  • South African Paper Money Museum Webpage, information and images of South African banknotes
  • Spanish Coins on American Notes, US obsolete paper money exhibit by Bob Schreiner
  • Tom Chao's Paper Money Gallery, A personal collection of over 1200 world banknotes from 276 countries including Azores, British North Borneo, Danish West Indies, French Oceania, Greenland, German South West Africa, Palestine, Panama, Puerto Rico, Reunion, Senegal. Southwest Africa and Zanzibar.  See the world's largest and oldest surviving bank note: China 1 Kuan, measuring 222mm x 340mm and over 600 years old.
  • The Money of the Mexican Revolution, an informational site on the Mexican Revolution (1910-1917) and its impact on the money of Mexico.
  • The Treasure Shop, information on allied military currency, Japanese Invasion Money and a checklist for collectors is available
  • The U.S. Error Note Encyclopedia, 'The Only book that tells you EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about Error Currency', Stephen M. Sullivan
  • Vietnamese Paper Currency, as a collector, I have put together this page to share the beauty of Vietnamese paper money with everyone. In addition, one can learn a great deal about Vietnamese culture and history by browsing through them. I hope you will enjoy looking at them as much as I do.
  • Web Press Notes, a website on web press notes (experimental currency) by Kevin Colosa
  • World Paper Money, Sergey Trushin, Ukraine
  • World Paper Money by David, David Leong's personal web page showcasing his paper money collection
  • World Paper Money & Bank Notes, world paper money classified ads; nominal listing fee


  • A. Ackroyd, Banknotes and other Paper Money for Collectors.  Interested in buying all types of paper money.  Lots of scarce surplus notes for sale too.
  • A La Carte Paper Collectables, selling World Banknotes, German Emergency Money, Paper Ephemera, Checks, Stocks, Bonds US and Foreign, Banknote and German Emergency Money publications, German Cigarette Card Albums and single cards, Dupont Mylar Holders distributed world wide.  Hans & Beate Rauch, P.O. Box 81917, Las Vegas, Nevada 89180-1917, U.S.A., Phone (702) 876-1330, Fax (702) 876-1404, E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Afghanistan Banknotes, Here you can buy/sell Afghanistan banknotes and get useful information about them.  M. Ameen, IBNS # 8645.
  • All Nations Stamp & Coin, Since 1949, Canada and world banknotes, coins, stamps, and collecting supplies
  • Arabic Islamic Banknotes, site by Hussam Zurqieh... we have a big collection of Banknotes, Medals and Coins that we sell.  Recently we made a small website, and started to include some of our collection items and prices on the net
  • AsianCollectibles.Net, a website dedicated to Ceylon & Sri Lanka Banknotes
  • Andrew McKaig, Canadian banknotes, coins and tokens
  • Antique Carta, art, history and currency printed on paper... excellent selection of world banknotes
  • ATS Numismatics World Banknotes, Paper Money, etc., Large selection of numismatic world banknotes, with separate detailed list of banknotes from former Soviet Union countries.  Also the list of the local and private paper money, collectible bond and stock certificates.
  • Audrius Tomonis, world paper money, retail & wholesale.  Extensive pricelist of world paper money with many scanned images available online since June 1997.  Pricelists updated every month.  Paper Money & Coins Discussion Group and World Paper Money Chat also available.
  • Banknotes from all over the world by George, uncirculated notes for sale by George Trapkov.
  • Banknotes of Russia, CIS and Other, Oleg Shulakov's website
  • Banknotes Unlimited, a new paper money website from the U.K. offering for sale older, uncommon banknotes to modern notes.  Overall a good selection for all tastes.
  • Barry Boswell World Banknotes, I have been dealing in paper money in the U.K. for 15 years and I hold a large and varied stock of banknotes. As a collector, you are almost certain to find items here which will be of interest to you.
  • Bill Kracov, discount dealer for all choice world banknotes, buying collections and individual better notes.  Member IBNS, LANSA, ANA & ANS.  30 years in the business.  Drop by my website and see the notes I sell.
  • Budmart.co.uk, We operate as a Mail order Business and are located in the United Kingdom.  We deal in Philately, Banknotes and Coins, Telephone Cards and Trading Cards and other related items.
  • C&P Numismatics, We Buy and Sell all Canadian numismatic items as well as US and world items.  This site includes our large inventory of Canadian and World wide Coins, Banknotes and Tokens.  We feature regularly, Buy or Bid Auctions as well as super deals on an array of items.  A MUST SEE.  We promise friendly and prompt service.  All products are guaranteed.
  • Canadian Paper Money & Chartered Bank Notes, Canadian paper money price list, guide, supplies, Q&A with images and more.  IBNS #7961, CPMS #961.
  • Capital Currency, Incorporated, 'The Internet's Largest Selection of Error Currency', Stephen M. Sullivan
  • Carson Valley Currency & Coins Inc., Featuring U.S. Federal Currencies, World Bank Notes (Canadian Chartered & U.S.-Philippines a specialty).  Bank Related Memorabilia from US National Banks.  California National Bank Note Population Reports.  Foreign Exchange Services for both coin and paper.  Carson Valley Currency & Coins, Inc., PO Box 1649, Minden, Nevada - 89423.  E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  (Recently bought-out Arri Jacob's US Currency.)
  • Ceylon & Sri Lanka Banknotes Web, banknotes dealer, Rifki Sameem, based in Colombo Sri Lanka (for the past 15 years) has broken the various note issues into periods and monarchs, listing these with graphics for the more difficult notes
  • CGB-Prieur, Large numismatic firm based in France with a large selection of paper money for sale
  • Champion Stamps, has a beautiful selection of rare color trials
  • Coin Traders, Inc., numismatic firm based in Florida with a selection of world and U.S. currency
  • Colin Narbeth & Son Ltd., price list for world paper money
  • Collector's Supply House, a retailer of Stamp and Coin Collecting Supplies.  "We are a division of Canadian Wholesale Supply which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of Stamp and Coin Collecting Products"
  • Columbia Notes, specializing in the paper money of Latin America and Asia
  • Crutchfield's Currency, price list for Confederate States of America and Obsolete Bank Notes
  • CSA Notes, An on-line site dealing with buying, selling, and appraising Confederate currency with special attention given to assisting the beginning collector.
  • Cubabanknotes.com, web site about the cuba bank notes of all age; navigate across our pages and learn the about the notes, concerning date, image and price, if you are interested in increasing your collection please contact us
  • Currency of Note, Inc., collectible world paper money sold in sets and individually
  • David F. Cieniewicz, U.S. and World Paper Money
  • David Lawrence, Currency and rare coins, specializes in choice CU-Gem currency
  • David Leong, online store for world paper money
  • David E Seelye, Military Payment Certificates, bought & sold, free price list.  I specialize in Military Payment Certificates, Allied Military Currency and their replacements, USA POW chits as well as WW2 POW notes, Korea and Thailand MPC.  And their books.
  • Denis Numismatique - La Banque du Numismate, french Professional Numismatist specializing in Modern World Banknotes.  Member IBNS, LANSA.
  • Deuceman Currency, Colonial Notes, Northern/Southern Obsolete, U.S. Large Type for sale, and Census of GA Nationals
  • DK Coin, Danish dealer and collector, especially looking for pre-1950 Scandinavian Coins & Notes
  • Don C. Kelly, online paper money catalog, including Colonials, Obsoletes, Naionals, Confederates, Large/Small Size, Fractionals, Gold Certificates and Errors
  • E&J Banknotes and Collectibles, We are dealers living in Turkey. Our web site is serving collectors and dealers of world banknotes and Turkish phone cards. We are not only supplying items, we are offering the most detailed and complete Turkish (and Ottoman) banknotes-phone cards online catalogue. Emre Anarat (IBNS-8294,ANA) - Jak Treves (IBNS 4376)
  • Educational Coin Company 200 Million World Banknotes and Coins in Stock POB 3815, Kingston, NY 12402 tel: 914-338-4871 ext# 11 fax: 914-338-4972 e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Egypt Money, a Portal for Coins and Banknotes, includes brief history on Egyptian currency.
  • Euro-Notes, , the address to see and read about the first EUROs in Germany which have really circulated.  Also you can see a lot of Serienscheine of the new generation.
  • Fractional Notes, extensive Internet Resource and Reference for collectors of United States Fractional Currency, with information on Key Fractional Notes, Experimental, Proof and Specimen Notes, Grading Fractional Currency and much more.
  • Gerwin's Muntenpagina, area for Dutch banknote purchase, information and grading hints
  • Glen Johnson Coins & Currency, Auctions & sales of US coins and banknotes
  • George & Jane White - Banknotes & Ephemera, family business based in England, UK., offering banknotes, cheques, ephemera, British and world coins.
  • Georgia Obsolete Currency, dedicated to the study and display of Georgia Currency
  • Hobby Investments, Toby Qualls website, coins, currency, stamps and other collectibles
  • Horwedel's Currency, vast selection of National Currency, large size currency, demand notes, legal tenders, silver certificates, treasury notes, large and small, foreign checks and much more.
  • Ian Gradon - World Paper Money, collectable and antique banknotes dealer and collector of USA and world paper money.  Extensive price list and gallery.
  • Ice Coin and Currency, Shows and sells Icelandic banknotes/coins from 1940s and up
  • Indian Ocean Numismatics, site of Kourdjee Shane Aly, IBNS Member #8336.
  • InterCol London (Yasha Beresiner), InterCol London are dealers in Paper Money of the World, Bonds & Shares, other Fiscal Documents and related books and ephemera.  Also other Collectables.  Please browse at our web site www.intercol.co.uk or contact Yasha Beresiner directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Iran Banknotes, a specialized Web Site dedicated to the Banknotes of Persia and Iran.  Armen Hovsepian, IBNS Life Member.
  • Iran Collectibles, I'm an Iranian bank notes and stamp collector, I offer all collectors around the world Iran collectibles.  Do you have any Iran Collectibles in your collection?  Don't you want to add these beautiful and cheap bank notes or stamps in your collection?  Buy Iran banknotes and stamps from an Iranian not a broker if you want them cheap and of high quality.  Saeed Mirjalili.
  • J.A. Coins carries a wide variety of world paper money (and world coins) and issues World Paper Money flashlists by e-mail.  Joel Anderson, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , PO Box 3016, Merced, CA 95344-1016, USA.
  • Japanese Invasion Money Album, Phillipines, 1st Issue, Japanese Invasion Money issued during WWII
  • Jay Parrino's The Mint, LLC, 'America's leader in classic rarities'
  • Jersey & Guernsey Banknotes , Chris Ball's price list of notes from the Channel Islands.
  • Juri Ruddich, Specialist in Paper Money, Scripophily, Coins, Orders & Medals of the Baltic States and Russia, IBNS #6793
  • Kikka Riva, collector and dealer of world banknotes, ebayid: qualitybanknotes
  • Kyzivat Currency, a long-time dealer in US currency, both Federal and Confederate.  Specialty is banknotes only: no coins, no baseball cards, etc.
  • James Pickering - E-Worldbanknotes, primarily specializes in the retail sales of current issue modern banknotes from around the world. Most notes are sourced directly from the issuing countries and the selection of notes is extensive
  • Kristian Chiduch, Billetes del Mundo - Worldbanknotes - Banknoten aus aller Welt, site in Spanish, English and German; banknotes for all types of collectors, from beginners to advanced
  • Lion Coins - Banknotes of the World, offerings from dealer out of Manchester, U.K.
  • M.A. Collectibles, Afghanistan and Pakistan Banknotes, Coins and other Collectibles of Islamic Countries and useful information about Banknotes of Islamic Countries.  M. Ameen, IBNS #8645
  • Magbul Skoro- kolekcija papirnog novca Paper money colection, offerings from Sarajevo, Bosnia.
  • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , eye-appealing original U.S. Large size currency, Type, Nationals and Obsoletes.  Contact Mark at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • MCollect Arabic Numismatics, concerned with many collectables from Arabic and Middle East countries.  Banknotes - Stamps - Coins - Medals - Bonds, and much more.
  • Michael Morris World Paper Money, owned by Michael Morris, contains price list to be updated monthly
  • Mietens & Partner GMBH, Large paper money and banknote company based in Germany, world paper money sets for sale
  • Mike Tiitus, worldwide paper money pricelist
  • MoneyWorld Asia Asia's leading wholesaler and boutique mail order retailer of collectible banknotes with offices and operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and USA.  Annual sales of over US$20 million.  They work closely with Central Banks from 15 countries, with the Bank of England being their largest client.
  • Monty Farmer, selection of scarce nationals
  • Morris Lawing - Dealer in International Currency, View my extensive world banknote inventory at bargain prices via my website: http://www.banknoteworld.com/dealerlists/morrislawing.htm or e-mail a request for my colour catalog: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Morris Lawing, P.O. Box 9494, Charlotte, NC 28299, USA.
  • Murphy Enterprises, We've been in business for over 40 years, specializing in obsolete and Confederate notes. We also have a very large collection of stocks and bonds
  • Mynt and Seddel, We are dealing in norwegian bank notes as well as world notes.  We are the issuer of the official Norwegian Banknote Catalog, which you will find on our frontpage as well.
  • The Naples Bank Note Company, new online site
  • Neal's Collectable Currency, World banknotes for sale - 10% to 50% below Pick catalog list price.  Collectable banknotes from Iran (Khomeini), Iraq (S. Hussein), South African (Rhino), Indonesia (flower series), and Plastic Polymer notes.  Also for sale: United States banknotes, World War II banknotes, and Military Scrip.
  • Norbert von Euw, world paper money dealer from Switzerland
  • Notes of Note, O.E. (Dusty) Royer's site.  I've been dealing in world currency for 40+ years.  My IBNS number is 1198.  I had the pleasure of cataloging and evaluating the late Ruth Hill's collection for her trust
  • Noteworx World Banknotes, I am an IBNS member for nearly 20 years and have established a website to sell many of the 2500+ UNC notes I have collected over the past 20 years.160; Tod Hunt, IBNS member #5602.
  • Nova Online, Inc., large world paper money section
  • Numisa, site is in French... Je viens vous presenter un nouveau site sur le papier monnaie avec un tres grand nombre de scannes
  • Numisnota Banknotes, Fantastic selection of Portugal and Portuguese Colonial Banknotes
  • Numis-Phil (Singapore) Pte Ltd, One of the largest wholesaler of banknotes and coins in the world.  Regularly updated pricelist available on-line
  • Numis World, extensive listing of banknotes for numismatic collectors and dealers.  Paper money from British Commonwealth, Straits Settlements, Malaya and other world rarities are available.
  • Numismatic World, Commemorative Malaysian 50 Ringgit Polymer Banknote to celebrate the 16th Commonwealth Games.  Special and Golden number auction now open.
  • Olavi Ruoho, World Paper Money site hosted in Sweden; large price list
  • Ortega Island Coin and Bank Note Company, Numismatic firm out of Jacksonville, FL
  • Pages Coins & Currency, dealer and collector of USA and world paper money.
  • Pam West, British notes specialist
  • Papyrus Currency and Collectibles, focusing on Central European and Brazilian Banknotes
  • Pat Barnes Paper Money, Pat specializes in small size US Currency but also deals in large size, all nationals, obsoletes, MPC, old checks, etc.
  • Perth Numismatics, We specialize in quality banknotes and have developed an investor program which offers exclusive buy-back guarantees to reduce investor risk.  We also offer lay-away programs, trade-in guarantees, auction representation and a grading service.  A toll free number for Canada/US customers has been installed for the convenience of our customers and we accept Visa and Mastercard as well.
  • Peter Strich Stamps and Coins, we are stamp, coin & bank note dealers from Melbourne Australia and specialise in Australian coins & banknotes.  We sell any world banknotes as well.  Members of APTA & ANDA Australia.  We accept international email orders.
  • Ray Marrello Currency, Large and Small Type notes
  • Richard Merkel's Currency Displays, sells a variety of displays for US currency
  • Robert F. Giamboi, Fine US Small & Large Type currency bought and sold
  • Quinlivan Collectibles, Australian banknotes for sale
  • Reinhard Tieste, dealer of German banknotes, Notgeld and POW notes
  • Select Coins and Banknotes, for an excellent range of quality Australian pre-decimal banknotes
  • Sellitstore Auction Consignment and Obsolete Currency, large listing of better obsolete banknotes for sale on the internet, all with images.  Also offers an auction service where numismatic items will be listed on eBay for a commission.
  • Scotsman Coins, Large size nationals and more
  • Sergio Sanchez Jr. Currency, A Division of Numismatists Financial Group, US Large-Size notes specialist
  • Shahwin's Album, world banknotes for sale
  • Seychelles Banknotes Wholesale.  The cheapest source.  Request the very competitive prices per 10, per 100, per 1,000 or more.  Dave Chetty, P.O. Box 2030, Anse Aux Pins, Mahe, SEYCHELLES, Indian Ocean. Fax: +248 376523.  Member of IBNS #7919, LANSA #1351, Australian Numismatic Society #1780.
  • Southern Comfort, a collection of Civil War History and Currency History as well as a commercial store.  Seller of CSA Currency, Bank Notes, Bonds, Coupons and Civil War Newspapers and Uncut Sheets of Bank Notes
  • Southern Currency, offerings available online, buyers and sellers since 1977
  • Stonewalls Civil War Currency, Currency Issued by the States of the Confederacy United States Fractional Banknotes.  Site of Kurt Jacoboni who collects and deals in Civil War era Southern States issued currency, U.S. fractionals and Confederate bonds.
  • SVC Collectables, Dealers in banknotes and coins from Australia and around the world
  • The Right Note, Consultants in rare Bank Notes: Richard Fahy A.M.I.A, A.F.A..I.M.; includes history of Australian banknotes, section on collecting Aussie Banknotes, as well as products & services
  • ToKKoT Currency, a numismatic dealership specializing in Small Size Currency, Errors and Fancy Serial Numbers.
  • Tracey L. Wolf, links and on-line price list for the World Banknote Collector
  • Uinta Currency, a new US paper money site featuring large, small, fractional, MPC, Obsoletes and various miscellaneous items; a regular advertizer in Bank Note Reporter and Coin World
  • UNC Numismatic, rare collections of Straits Settlements, Singapore and Hong Kong
  • US Currency Online, Steve Marshall's site specializing in large-size currency, both uncertified and CGA-certified.
  • USA Rare, claiming to be the 'Internet's largest selection of fancy serial numbered currency on United States Paper Money'.  Collectors since 1977, dealers since 1998, ANA & SPMC members.
  • Washington Square Coin Exchange, both U.S. and World paper Money; complete coin & paper money site with over 600 pages
  • Wholesale Paper Money, a wholesale list of world banknotes.
  • William Youngerman, Inc., thousands of Nationals for sale, buying Florida nationals, obsoletes, script and tokens
  • World Coins & Notes, for sale and exchange from Fabio Guerrieri in Italy

Online Services

  • A&K Banknotes - Register now to bid, buy, or sell on any Auction site worldwide.  It's fast, easy & FREE
  • Collector Network, a marketplace for dealers and collectors of any items. Buy and sell using specific search criteria.
  • Heritage Auction Galleries - Currency, all-paper-money auctions courtesy of Heritage Auction Galleries
  • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , available for dealers of coins and paper money who want to establish their own web site and develop a presence on the Internet.  IBNS #7961.
  • Paper Money & Coins Discussion Group, courtesy of Audrius Tomonis
  • World Paper Money Chat, courtesy of Audrius Tomonis


  • American Numismatic Association, Money Museum: Selections from the Bebee Collection and Other U.S. Paper Money Accessions
  • Bank of Canada - Currency Museum, a great place to visit if you're ever in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Bank of Estonia, images of descriptions of local currency
  • Canadian Paper Money Society (CPMS), the organization you should join if you are interested in Canadian Paper Money
  • Canadian Tire Coupon Collectors Club (CTCCC), the organization you should join if you are interested in Canadian Tire Money
  • Civil War Money, "Money during the Civil War", by Major Arthur W. Henrick - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , history and images of USA and CSA currency and plenty of related links, including the American Civil War Association (ACWA)
  • Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, rare American Currency Collection
  • IBNS, official site of the International Bank Note Society
  • Latvijas Banka, Coins and Banknotes of the Bank of Latvia
  • Smithsonian Institution, "Surviving Images, Forgotten Peoples", Native Americans, Women and African Americans on Early US Bank Notes, with colour images
  • U.S. Bureau of Engraving & Printing (BEP), from the Department of the Treasury, self-explanatory, mpeg video clips available related to the production of paper currency
  • Washington Historical Autograph & Certificate Organization (WHACO), a service organization for collectors of historic autographs, stocks, bonds, certificates and Scripophily related items


  • Antarctica Film Arts, Stephen Barnwell's site offering his personal currency creations, similar to those of Boggs.  ANTARCTICA Dream-Dollars are growing in popularity, we now have collectors in 40 states and in 10 countries around the world.
  • BAN-KA, BANk CAtalogue is designed for the expert as an aid that makes the work of cashiers and in exchange offices easier. Its production corresponds the legislation of individual countries. There is prohibited to publish some security features of their national currencies in some countries and these are therefore neither published in our catalogue
  • Bowers and Merena, an auction firm
  • Capital Plastics, coin and currency holders
  • Hafsam Coin & Currency Links and Resource Guide, purpose of this site is to offer a map to information, to provide a way to find information regarding coins, exonumia and currency
  • Jems Online, All of our currency displays feature true to life replicas of U.S. currency.
  • Karl-Heinz Cortrie GmbH, Banknote Auctions, we auction banknotes, coins and Notgeld
  • Kamberra, a small constitutional monarchy in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Lyn Knight Currency Auctions, an auction firm
  • Michael Lang, we do the Cologne International Paper Money show
  • Muenzauktion, a German online auction facility
  • Numizmaticos, has the look-and-feel of an online magazine catered to collecting paper money
  • Pomexport, wholesale for dealers and Internet specialists.  On the website, you'll find many wholesale offers of banknotes, coins ( including: Chinese, Greek, Roman, Judean, Indian, Byzantine, Medieval & modern ), tokens & medals, telephone cards, documents & newspapers, comic books, jewelry, pins, buttons, postage stamps, covers, labels, notgeld, hellnotes, fantasies, checks & waybills, Primitive monies, Shares & Coupons.
  • Ponterio & Associates, Inc., an auction firm
  • R.M. Smythe, an auction firm
  • Rarecurrency.com, 'where the dealers gather to buy & sell rare currency on-line'
  • Scott J. Winslow Associates, Inc., details on OPEX 2001 - Orlando Paper Extravaganza
  • Spink, virtual gallery of notes for sale, auctions


  • Arab Reference Site, a new service for collectors of Arab and Middle Eastern Banknotes. It is a free reference point for communication, news, research, Want lists, and New Issues. You will find signature listings, Prefix structures, notes not listed in Pick, varieties, and Replacement codes.
  • Banknote Articles, in this page you shall get useful information on banknotes all around the world and you can publish your articles and news on this page, so if you want publish your article send me your articles by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , M. Ameen, IBNS #8645
  • BankNoteInfo, our main purpose is to prevent the use of counterfeits and valuables as a priority of the struggle against the criminality all over the world.  In that reference we collaborate with the National Banks, police departments and media to submit an immediate and topical information for the counterfeits in circulation.
  • Bank Note Reporter, monthly publication for US and World Paper Money collectors, editorial profile and subscription information, beautiful partial colour image of $10 Bison note on cover
  • Canadian Paper Money Errors, informational site on 'non-regular' issue Canadian paper money
  • Canadian Paper Money - Q&A, answers the most common questions I get regarding Canadian paper money
  • Catalog of Currencies, by APIS
  • COINSHEET Numismatic Directory, Online since July 1995, features over 2400 links and descriptions of coin and currency sites.  Maintained by Bob Johnson
  • Collecting Paper Money, by Tom Becker, interesting article on the hobby written by a professional numismatist
  • Counterfeit Detection, site aims to provide information to assist users in counterfeit detection. However it is only a guide and if in doubt always consult an expert! The information herein should not be used to engage in any counterfeit enterprise. Counterfeiting is a serious crime with potentially severe penalties.
  • Currencies and Coins, publishers of Numismatic books and literature relating to India. At present, we have published books relating to Indian Paper Money and will be presenting books on Indian coins in the near future.
  • European and British Commonwealth Banknotes, all the banknotes on this site are from my personal collection (unless otherwise stated). If you would like to use them, for example an educational reasons, please get my permisson first and i'll gladly assist you anyway I can
  • Global History of Currencies, provides brief histories of all the currencies in the world, mainained by Bryan Taylor.
  • Globe Legal Tender, great informational site which contains global currency designations and links to central banks.
  • Irish Paper Money, a virtual museum for collectors of Irish banknotes.
  • Karim Nogas, focuses on Canadian Paper Money and Banknotes and includes links to Canadian-based dealers, prominent organizations and collector sites
  • Krause Publications, authors of the widely used Pick catalog for world paper money, and more
  • Les Billets du Liban / The Banknotes of Lebanon, online collection of Lebanese banknotes courtesy of dealer Michel Prieur of CGB-Prieur
  • NetCollect - The Leading Collectors Centre, a neat website out of the UK with a section for most collectibles, including banknotes and cheques, like a one-stop-shop for dealer directory listings by category
  • Notafilia - José María Creus Rey, another site similar to that of Ron Wise, offering a virtual gallery of world paper money.
  • Paper Money & Bank Note WWW Directory, this is it!
  • Paper Money Collection, online collection of notes from Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, England, and others
  • Paper Money Dealers, Comprehensive list of paper money dealers around the world - maintained by Bruce Giese
  • Paper Money FAQ, Paper Money FAQ - maintained by Bruce Giese
  • p j symes, a publisher of books and articles on world paper money; recently published a book on New Zealand banknotes and it is featured on the website
  • Polymer Bank Notes of the World, created and maintained by Stane Straus and Dr. Luis D. Montes for the sole purpose of disseminating knowledge about polymer bank notes.  IBNS & ANA membership.
  • rec.collecting.paper-money, Usenet newsgroup
  • Ron Wise's World Paper Money Homepage, the most 'awesome' online gallery of world paper money that I have ever seen, both in terms of quantity and quality - currently 4,000+ scanned images (over 7,000 notes - with individual front and back scans) available
  • Ron's WPM Page, as above, scanned images from private collection, images change weekly as new scans are added and older ones are removed for space considerations.
  • Stock and Bond Auction, the only interactive auction website that is devoted solely to the collecting of antique stocks and bonds and related paraphernalia.
  • World Money Collection, from more than 150 countries around the world, jubilee coins, central banks links, currency exchange rates, guest book and more....


  • Carlisle Development Corp, develops and sells software for collectors...  'Since 1994, specializing in coins and currency, we have been serving collectors with software solutions'
  • NumismaticPlus 2.0, an application that can be used to help you keep track of your collections by cataloging your paper notes as well as your Coins.  There are also reporting features that can be useful when going shopping for new coins or paper notes.
  • Liberty Street Software, home of CurrencyManage and CoinManage.  Powerful software for managing your coin and currency collection.
  • Pat St. Jean, sells software for paper money collectors

Stocks and Bonds

  • Collectible Stocks & Bonds Online Catalog, this catalog was launched January 1998 as a resource for those who collect rare and vintage stocks and bonds; Eric Drum's new scripophily (old stocks and bonds) website
  • Finance Area Scripophily, Venetian dealers in vintage stock and bond certificates , IBSS, WHACO and MAFH member
  • George H. LaBarre Galleries, Inc., Collectible Stocks & Bonds
  • Polish State Bonds, I’m an old bonds collector, especially Polish state bonds issued between 1918-1939 and I’m a member of Historical Securities Collectors Society too, which was established in 1999.
  • Ron's Currency, Stocks & Bonds, a site for collectors of currency, paper money, stocks and bonds, and the hobbies of Syngraphy and Scripophily.  Images and reference materials.
  • Scripophily.com, offering a variety of information to Stock and Bond Collectors, as well of an inventory of over 1000 certificates from around the world.
  • Scripophily Exchange, a place where old securities are traded and exchanged

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