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Nagmoney - coin exhibition in Nagpur 2011
Home Gallery Events Nagmoney - coin exhibition in Nagpur 2011
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Nagmoney awes its visitors


"NAGMONEY" A 3-day competitive coin exhibition and auction by Todywalla concluded on 26th of January 2011 at Mor Bhawan , Jhansi Rabi Square, Nagpur. The event was organized by the Numismatic Research Institute of Nagpur. Books on Numismatics were also released.


Each of the 105 glass frames containing various kinds of currencies exhibited at Nagmoney 2012, the all-India competitive numismatic exhibition being held at Mor Hindi Bhavan, succeeds in drawing a breath of awe from visitors. The exhibition, which is being organised by Numismatic Research Institute (NRI), Nagpur, for the last four years has been attracting collectors from all over the country.

"There are many collectors in Nagpur but there was no platform for us to come together and display our collection. So we started NRI and the exhibition," said Avinash Ramteke, member, NRI. He said that best collectors from all over India come and take part in this exhibition-cum-competition. "It's a great honour to host them. During the inauguration ceremony we also conferred Farokh Todywalla, an eminent personality in the field of numismatics, with Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar for his contribution," Ramteke said.


NM Dange, a 78-year-old collector from Pune, said that this was the only exhibition he took part in. "Exhibitions happen in many cities but I feel this is the most informative and educative of them all. The variety of exhibits is also wide," he said. Notes of denominations ranging from 'Rupees Two and Annas Eight' to Rs 10,000 are on display. Coins as small as the head of a pin to a massive 1 kg gold coin are some of the other attractions.

"The smallest coin we have has a diameter of 1 mm while the biggest has a diameter of 22 cm," Ramteke said. He also informed that they had an exhibit containing 111 gold coins that cover time span of around 18 centuries starting from 2{+n}{+d} century to the 20{+t}{+h} century AD.

"Such exhibitions play a great role in inspiring interest among the younger generation towards numismatics and the organisers here have done a great job," said Rezwan Razack, chairman, India Banknote Collectors Chapter. He was in the city with Kishore Jhunjunwalla, another celebrated numismatic for inaugurating the exhibition and also for the release of a book on paper money which they had co-authored.

The exhibition not only provides a stage for collectors but also to augment their collection. A portion of the exhibition is designated for stalls trading the notes and coins and the atmosphere is as lively as it could be. Malcolm Todywalla of Todywalla Auctions, who have been coming to Nagmoney, every year said, "Nagpur being the centre of India is more accessible from all parts of the country. I think after Delhi and Mumbai it is the best venue for currency auctions," he said.

Todywalla said, "This is a hobby that generates a lot of passion. People pay depending upon their need and capacity. If someone needs to complete a particular collection, or has their heart set on a particular piece, they even pay double the price. The prices also depend upon the unique features of the piece and the demand and supply of the same.

A 1939 one rupee silver coin which bears the portrait of George VI and was recalled from the market, has fetched Rs 3,45,000." The exhibition will end on Sunday, Jan 29.


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