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Book Reviews
Home Activities Indian Paper Money (Guide)
Book Reviews

This lavishly produced book is a revision of ‘The Standard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money’, which is a comprehensive catalogue of Indian paper money.

Shailendra Bhandare
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A saying goes" The only thing that is permanent is change" in this changing world what would stay is knowledge. The Knowledge that will stay from generations to generations.
Money can buy any person lot of rare notes, but what’s the user of money if that person doesn’t have knowledge.
Your Book is throwing light on the vast history of Indian Paper Money and you will both will be remembered with honour for years for the good work u have put in.
Final Note: Achieving something in your life is what everyone does and it’s not a big feat.. it’s a duty, but inspiring few more people and making them achieve is the real achievement…
Yogesh Sharma

We take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude to you for being so magnanimous in presenting a copy of the most valuable and informative book to our school library. We assure you that this book will be a very valuable and useful addition to our library and our students will gather a lot of information on the history of “paper money” and the stages of transformation that the currency has gone through till date.
Belliappa M. B. | Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan | Kodagu Vidyalaya

Congratulations for the amazing book very well done. I truly appreciate it and I am proud of your work.
Amer K. Salem | President & CEO | NexNet Solutions, Dubai Internet City, UAE

I congratulate you on the achievement of authoring and publishing your book! I look forward to reviewing and admiring it.
Anshuman Pandey, U.S.A.

Your book looks beautiful and appears to be extremely well written as well as many useful images. I know this was a labor of love and very well done. It will have a prominent place on my bookshelf.
Robert Schwartz Archives International

Your book The Revised Standard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money is an informative and beautifully illustrated book which we are most grateful to have as a resource for our staff and readers. We have to congratulate you on this splendid publication which will grace the shelves of our Sackler Library here in Oxford for many years to come. We have no such comparable volume at the moment and are delighted to have been able to assist in its production with photographs of banknotes in our collection.
Rosyln Britton-Strong, Heberden Coin Room, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

I got my copy as well and I wholeheartedly second Girish - it is an EXTREMELY well-produced book. In fact it stands a great testimony to the printing standards that can be achieved for numismatic publications in India!
Dr. Shailendra Bhandare, Ashmolean Museum

I just bought two books and would like to congratulate you for this remarkable publication.
Ashok Mehta

I received the book this morning. Please accept my congratulations on achieving this monumental task. Without meaning to sound trite, I still say must this. I cannot begin to imagine how much time, effort and dedication has gone into this endeavour. I have only begun to explore the volume and it is so chockfull of information, that I will sure be spending a long time with this book. Once again, my sincere congratulations, and I feel very fortunate to be acquainted with you.
Balaji Murthy, U. S. A.

The monumental effort and knowledge you developed and applied with Mr. Jhunjhunwalla in order to publish your work, specially in what regards the Indo-Portuguese issues, I'm certain I will learn a great deal about Indian paper money.
'The Revised Standard' is indeed an important updated contribution to the study of Indian paper money and also to the history of Indian paper currencies.
João Pedro Vieira, Bank of Portugal

I have received your wonderful book about the Indian Paper money. I am grateful for your kind offer and it will be included in our library collection and made available for consultation in our open reading room. It is an excellent and exhaustive study on this topic, not well known in Portugal, apart from the item issued by the old Banco Nacional Ultramarino.
Luis Abreu Nunes, Bank of Portugal

Congratulations on your publication and I look forward to reading it with interest.
Royal Bank of Scotland, Mumbai

Thanks for sharing your impressive book with me. It was a pleasure to browse through and peek into history through banknotes. Great to have a such a hobby develop into something tangible.
Dr. Bob Hoekstra

May I congratulate you on such a wonderful looking volume and the personal copy is going to take pride of place in my book collection. I have forwarded the second copy onto my colleagues in the India Office Library so that it can be added to the collection.
Richard Scott Morel, British Library

The book will be put into the library at the British Museum. Many thanks for sending it, and I am sure it will be a valuable reference for students who come to study Indian paper money.
Catherine Eagleton, British Museum

CONGRATULATIONS!!! on such a spectacular achievement. Collecting such rare pieces of History is such a phenomenal and noble hobby to have. What's even more significant is how you are using this to propagate knowledge.
Rohit Hemdev, Citigroup Global Markets Ltd.

I have received a copy of the book from Kishoreji and I must admit that it's a great work and deserves all applauds for the same. Congratulations for such an excellent job.
Dr. Dilip Rajgor, Gullak

Congratulations on your endeavor. I am sure that the book is going to be a great source of information to collectors.
Dinyar Madon

Please accept my thanks for sending me your superb publication, it is without doubt the finest book on banknotes that has ever been published, we shall be using your references whenever we have Indian notes in our catalogue..
Although not Numismatics, but in the same realm, have you considered entering it into the IAPN book prize award that will be held in Spain in May this year, I will be attending and will gladly enter it for you.
Christopher Webb, DNW, London

“magnificent book” - I was very much surprised to have a unexpected heavy parcel offered at my doorstep back then and after opening it I was even more pleasantly surprised and enjoyed reading the book very much.
Jos Eijserman, Eijserman Events, Maastricht

Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money'.
I have perused through this and have found your book extremely informative and a collector's item. I can only imagine the kind of effort, dedication and time that you have invested in bringing this voluminous guide. Your knowledge and research on this subject is unparalleled to any publication known. The quality, print and presentation is impeccable.
Farook Mahmood, Bangalore

Oh my god and WOW!!! The book is AWESOME…. Will treasure it...
Dr. Firdaus Hashim

Rezwan - you have accomplished a masterpiece. The book contains all relevant history about the Indian Paper Money with unique stamps / signatures and copies in original size of the paper money with such high quality which is amazing. I have never seen anything of this kind whatever collection it was. It is so perfect that one can see how many hours, days, weeks and months that you have dedicated to this. My congratulations for such great work or should I say piece of art. Please do not feel offended but I had to jump to page 463 or 464 which is the Chapter abt Portugal / Goa. The Indian Finance Ministry and Central Bank of India as well as Portugal really should give you a commendation for this life time achievement which will also go into the Indian history.
I really enjoyed the way you started yr hobby - you have pestered your Grandfather until he finally gave in. I cannot imagine you pestering your Grandfather till he gave in and gave you the cancelled banknotes.
Dear Rezwan, once again we were all speechless at home with the magnitude and perfection of the book that you even "contaminated" Rekha with your hobby by making all the selection, coordination, etc.
Bangalore should have a place with your statue in the center as an appreciation of what you have been doing for Bangalore and India as well.
I will revert later fm home with some queries on the book which ignited some curiosity in me.
once again my best congratulations for this unique masterpiece and best wishes
Georg, Consulado Hon. de Marax, Rua Jornal de Noticias, 629, P - 4100-298 Porto, Portugal

Thank you for the autographed copy of your book ‘The Revised Standard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money’. I am really impressed with the extra ordinary talent you have. I am sure you must have gone through a lot of research and produced such a fine book…
Capt Gopinath, Bangalore

We can see your admiration for Indian paper money in the superb book that you have published. We will use your name and Jhunjhunwalla’s when referencing Indian paper money.
Frank Clark, Paper Money Cataloguer, Heritage Auctions

Congratulations on the fantastic job you did on the new edition of your book! You have now set a new standard for banknote publishing.
I was given a copy of your book by Mr. Ram Kumar in recognition of the non-commercial website I created, which includes a section on Indian Paper Money. The Numismondo India section now has more than 700 banknotes displayed but, of course, does not have the detail and comprehensiveness of your outstanding book. I hope to add your catalog numbers one day.
Again, great job on the update - it is a treasure to me.
P.S. You realize you have now made it very hard for other authors to meet the new standard you have created!
Garry Saint, Esquire, IBNS, LANSA, HNS, Numismondo

Mr. Rezwan Razack's book on Indian Paper Money is beautiful! I will take it with me on Thursday to show to the other members of the Melbourne Chapter of IBNS. Two of them are very keen collectors of Indian banknotes.
If every country had such a fine book about their banknotes, I would stop collecting banknotes and, instead, collect the books in their place. This book sets a new standard for authors to meet. I am very pleased to have it.
Don Cleveland, IBNS LM-136

I wish to congratulate you on your amazing new catalog Indian Paper Money. I recently received a copy from Madhi Bsesio. Your brilliant achievement will long be appreciated by collectors of Indian paper money. I have only a relatively small collection, but have spent three days poring over and through your book.
I have a friend in Germany, Guenther Kreilkamp, who in the 1960s and 1970s, when such things were possible, drove several times from Stuttgart to India to collect paper money.
Guenther is currently in the USA and when he passes by my house I will show him your book. He will be very jealous that I have one already.
I thank you for your work, and praise your accomplishment.
Charles R. Carlson, IBNS 826

Topic: New Book Released on Indian Paper Money

This is to inform all fellow collectors of Indian Paper Money that a new book titled 'The Revised Standard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money' was released this month in Bangalore, India. The book containing little over 600 pages has wealth of information with high quality scans of some extremely rare Banknotes of India. The book is the result of relentless research of Co-Author Mr. Rezwan Razack (President of IBNS - India Banknote Collectors Club). Some chapters of Early Issue of Indian Banknotes, Uniface series & Portuguese India are mind-bogglingly extensive. It is a treasure to possess this book and a MUST for all Indian Bank Note collectors. You will have to see the book for yourself to believe what I'm saying.
Murali Thantry, IBNS

I feel the previous note regarding this book is an understatement. I find it fascinating in the extreme. Although only receiving it a couple of days ago, I spent a quality two hours train trip perusing it on Saturday morning and was astounded by its quality and depth of content. Having made a surprise visit on the return leg of my journey to the East Midlands Chapter who were holding one of their bi-monthly meetings, they were having a conveniently timed show-and-tell. This book seemed well received by all present and I will go as far as to predict this mighty tome will win the IBNS Book of the Year for 2012, as its predecessor did way back in 2001.
Dave Kenney, Chapters' Secretary, IBNS

Hello everyone, I'm a friend of Mr. Rezwan Razack and I received the autographed book directly from Co-Author, after about 15 days of shipment from India to Italy. My wait has not been disappointed, to open it and scroll through the pages I was really speechless.
The great attention to detail and with which was written and edited, the iconography made high-definition photos, tables and drawings, the precise geographical historical references, the meticulous and extensive research is realized at the sight of a such work.
Watermarks, security systems, microprint, micro-lettering, engravers, date, prefix, types, signatures, etc.. everything is described with great depth and the more little detail.
An essential book for anyone involved in the Indian paper currency.All this makes it a natural candidate, and I believe even the sure winner for IBNS Book of the Year for 2012.This is a book that will remain in the story of numismatic book.
Dr. Stefano Poddi, IBNS

Your book "The Revised Standard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money" - Let me first appreciate and congratulate you for the painstaking efforts taken in making this unusual book. I am glad to note the various unique features contained in this Guide.
Manoj Kumar Sonthalia, Chairman & Managing Director,The New Indian Express Group

Wonderful Book!
EYAL SISO, Minister Counsellor & Consul,Embassy of Israel

The book is really awesome. Hats off to you people for writing such a wonderful book.
Jeevan, Bangalore

Your beautiful book will be a treasured addition to my library.
John Pettit, John Pettit Rare Banknotes

Mr Rezwan Razack and Mr Kishore Jhunjhunwala: This magnificent reference guide will be treasured by me and my family for perpetuity. The tome has exquisite design and printing worthy of international standards and acclaim. Thanks immensely for gifting a copy of your magnum opus to me. Thoughtful of you, Sirs!
B. G. Koshy

I am greatly honoured and very glad to receive your autographed book THE REVISED STANDARD REFERENCE GUIDE TO INDIAN PAPER MONEY.Your gift will greatly enhanced my knowledge of Indian banknotes and my library.
Koh Lian What, Lindner, Singapore

The amazing new India book!
Congratulations are certainly in order to you and Mr. Kishore Jhunjhunwalla for this important advancement both for Indian paper money and even more importantly for the market in general. It is through milestone accomplishments like this that we are all most grateful.
Joel Shafer, Lyn Knight

When I saw your book, I could not believe my eyes – the beautiful artwork, the vibrant colors, the thick paper, elegant presentation, and most importantly the rich history and comprehensive thorough research. I can only imagine the tremendous amount of work that has been spent on this monumental project. I immediately informed my friends in New York about this book and that is why I already got 7-8 copies of the book and am proudly taking them with me when I return to the US. You have set an extremely high standard for books researching the paper money of any country and for that I congratulate you and Mr. Rezwan.
Mahdi Bseiso

Our Directors thank you for sending us a copy of your book which will help us in referencing Indian Banknotes for our future auctions.
Jack Ong, Mavin Auctions

Greetings from a cold New Delhi. This mail comes to congratulate you on the launch of your book and the wonderful surprise which greeted me this morning as I entered my office.
They say that a book is a book is a book, but what I hold in my hands is a wonderfully created work of art. Truly you have exceeded any imagination in creating such a complete, well designed and precision printed treasure chest. Thank you for the copy and your wonderful gesture in personalizing it for me. This book has set the bench mark for all international publications with its easy-to-read and well written text and detailed imagery.
I wish you continued success in all your endeavors.
Dr. Michael V. Williams, Delhi

I collected the book that you co-authored with Mr. Jhunjhunwalla.
It is truly a labour of love, committment, passion and dedication and I am bereft of accolodes to honour you with.
Suffcie to say I am greatly enriched and more appreciative than I can say.
I will look forward to your future editions with interest.
Mitresh Singh, Dubai

"The Revised Standard Reference Guide To Indian PaperMoney"I will treasure it and try to extract as much knowledge out of it.
Once again I congratulate you for the hard work you have put into it and then excellent in quality.
Munir Abdulla

Thanks for the great book. Fantastic info and superb production quality. Truly a labour of live and has spurred my interest in the field..
'Naresh' Narasimhan, Bangalore

I will treasure the book
Noel French , Australia

The book is extremely interesting; I suppose it gave you a lot of work, and pleasure, to compile it. Congratulations!
Sónia Santos, Paper Money Museum, Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda Foundation, Avenida da Boavista, 4245 | 4100-140 Porto

I was thrilled to receive the fabulous book "The Revised Standard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money" brilliantly co-authored by you and also autographed by you; which makes this unique and beautifully produced publication a place of pride in my library.
It is difficult for me to visualise that "The Standard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money" so painstakingly authored by Kishore Jhunjhunwalla some 10 years back could be so exhaustively and thoroughly revised with several new features never put to print before.
It took a person like you with a tremendous zeal for research, scholarly appetite, total dedication and professional outlook combined with the dynamic qualities and enthusiasm of Kishore Jhunjhunwalla that has resulted in this publication - a one volume encyclopedia on Indian Paper Money.
You and Kishorebhai have created history of a sort by making India proud that this monumental masterpiece has been produced by both of you. My heartiest congratulations!
Pervez Patel, Mumbai

I am much delighted to receive the copy of your new publication “INDIA PAPER MONEY” which is a marvelous book, well researched and superbly produced. I must put my words of appreciation and compliment to the authors for their years of excellent work.
The price kept is very modest, seeing the quality of publication. I shall also introduce this book to my friends interested in this area.
Once again thank you to accomplish your good work.
Pradip Jain, Member : Royal Philatelic Society, London, PATNA (INDIA)

I met a Local National yesterday, who is an advanced collector of Middle east and Indian sub continent notes, and showed him the book. He was simply amazed by the size, quality, information, watermarks etc.... I got an appreciation for the images in the book, which looks real and not enhanced by picture softwares, unlike the first edition.
The meeting was supposed to be for half an hour, but it lasted for 5 hours, in which he spent nearly 4 and half hours with the book. The reaction of the collectors is the real praise for you and I am sure to see the similar reaction with others. He said 'hats off to you' for the amazing work and ask me to inform this to you.
I was having a quick glance of your book and found the interesting info about increase from 6 to 8 tooth in the tiger mouth of 10 Rupees Gandhi note. This is a very good example how much minute information is taken care in your book.
Ramkumar Sarangapani, Dubai

The book is really a monument to dedication, "junoon" (madness), love and romance.
This is a treasure trove of information which I am seeing for the first time. It plugs many gaps. This reads like a novel. Very gripping and very beautifully presented.
Have browsed through the book. Its superb. Making a catalogue is a nightmare, to put is very mildly. Don’t know how many can appreciate the grand scale on which you have conceived and executed it. Have no words to describe it.
I have no words to describe Chap 13. The amount of work and effort that has gone into is truly amazing. No one has gone into the depths and details that you have brought out. It is breathtakingly beautifully and very well written. It reflects true scholarship along with non-linear thought - a rare combination indeed! Must really salute you and your efforts.
Bazil Shaikh, Reserve Bank of India

This is really one of the best and most needed book on Indian Paper Money. I appreciate the up gradation that you have made in the Government of India Notes section with every minor details such as water mark and the signature etc. My heartfelt congratulations to both of you.
P V Radhakrishnan, Curator, RBI MonetaryMuseum

My heartiest congrats for the great effort that you have taken for Indian Monetary (Paper) History.
Sanjay Gosalia

I am reading every page of your new paper currency book. It is very interesting as how you started the hobby. Hats off to your contribution to the book.
Sathish Nagaraj

Well done!
Barnaby Faull, Director of Banknotes Department, Spink and Son Ltd.

Thank you so much for the wonderful book that you sent to us. I am sure that we will use it regularly.
Rick Ponterio, Executive Vice President, Stacks Bowers Ponterio

I tell you my impressions: it's a work that is really impressive for the amount, both for massively images, for both in-depth descriptions.
We see that behind the writing of the book there are studies and first-hand research really detailed. Congratulations, I am sure that your book will remain in the numismatic history of the world, and I hope that it will be awarded by IBNS like the "Book of the Year 2012".
I'll put the book in the best shelf of my library devoted to numismatics and will browse often to remember my friend Rezwan.
Dr. Stefano Poddi, Italy

I am absolutely sure that your book will be a must for collectors in general.
One of my very good costumers Jason Bleyens from Singapore is highly interested in acquiring your book.
May I once again share with you my delight of having such an outstanding work which I'll keep with upmost pleasure.
Tony Silveiro

Thank you so much for the “New Bible” on Indian PaperMoney. What a work of art!! You have really generated a master piece with a lot of dedication. Congratulations once again.
Vikram Tannan

The new book is a monumental effort and you are very much to be commended on it.
William Barrett, Canada


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